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yvonne bio

When Yvonne first started at the studio in 2015, she explored various techniques. She worked with pencil, gouache, pastel, …. The most interesting material for her to work with turned out to be acrylic paint.  These days, you can usually find her using this technique.


Yvonne is inspired by a broad range of photographs from magazines and books.  She usually chooses group portraits and family pictures.  When she first starts, she aims for a pretty composition of shapes, which she then finishes with a warm and rich use of color.  Her work is characterized by  the sensitive and poetic scenes with various characters

  • Art in the Park at (Beerzel - 2015)

  • Anders bekeken at CC Zwanenberg (Heist-op-den-Berg -2015)

  • [OGEN]BLIK at CC Mechelen (Mechelen - 2019) 

  • Expo Jan Hoethuis i.c.w. Rift (Geel - 2019)

  • Grafixx Festival (Antwerpen - 2019)

  • Expo RAYMUNDO/OMARCITY (Antwerpen - 2022)

  • Expo 'Spiegels van de ziel' (TUTTI FRATELLI Antwerpen - 2022)

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