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François is the oldest artist at the studio and is a member since 2009. François’ work is primarily based on portrait photography and illustrations of animals. He can hardly contain his joy when he’s working.  He instantaneously becomes smitten with his subject and his drawing. Full of wonder, he loves to show his fellow artists what he’s making.

François is always very focused and works at his own pace. He really thinks about composition and color.  Everything has to be perfect! 

He has developed a very unique visual language that is very recognizable. His figures are characterized by their continuous nose lines and their short, rounded bodies.

  • Artfestival at Emiliushoeve (Nijlen - 2014)

  • Art in the Park (Beerzel - 2016)

  • Big Draw at Plantin Moretus Museum (Antwerpen - 2015)

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