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Wytze has been active as an artist long before the studio was founded and started working at the studio in 2009. Wytze creates work containing endless series of numbers that refer to data, hours and codes. The expressive drawings come to life quickly and spontaneously, which can make them seem chaotic.  Nothing is less true.  The numbers on the page have been rigorously placed and everything is accounted for, and counted.

Wytze loves numbers. He knows everyone’s birthday and what age that person will be that day.  All the  times and moments to which the numbers on his page refer to, have a deeper meaning for the artist, but often remain a mystery to the viewer.

Aside from numbers, consecutive figures or ‘bubbles’ which wiggle towards each other, but never touch each other, appear  on his paper. They are usually filled in with hatchings.  Wytze works in periods. This way the numbers and figures alternate each other.

  • D.ART festival Mechelen (2015)

  • Ik heb harteklop (i.c.w. partner Martine Thielens) by With. vzw te Kortrijk (2016)

  • Supported by Eg'art (Frankrijk - sinds 2018)

  • Travelling exposition 'Les explorateurs'

  • [OGEN]BLIK at CC Mechelen (Mechelen - 2019) 

  • Expo Jan Hoethuis i.c.w. Rift (Geel - 2019)

  • Grafixx Festival (Antwerpen - 2019)

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