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bio palmer

Fantasy and memories are the main thread in Palmer’s visual work since he started in 2009 at the studio. Themes such as Native Americans, hunters and monsters, inspire him. Historical facts or aquatic life create are the foundation for  a visual playground where his fantasy can roam freely. For instance, it can rain upside down in Palmer’s drawings and prehistoric animals are far from extinct. 


Everyday themes, such as school, work meetings and people in the street are registered in an equally sensitive and poetic way.

Palmer imagines a specific theme or story for each drawing. These vary between historic scenes, events like car shows or everyday themes such as ‘the men with the walking legs’, or simply, ‘miscellaneous’.

Palmer is fascinated by sea creatures and airplanes. Organic shapes are alternated with geometric figures.  On his work, ‘I never draw the same thing, I always draw something different’. Palmer always creates pretty and thought out compositions, usually with a lot of color. He prefers to work with markers and color pencils.

  • Art in the Park bij (Beerzel - 2015)

  • Anders bekeken in CC Zwanenberg (Heist-op-den-Berg -2015)

  • "Een lijn is een punt die gaat wandelen" tentoonstelling in de etalages (Mechelen - 2015)

  • The Bries Space (Borgerhout - 2017)

  • [OGEN]BLIK in CC Mechelen (Mechelen - 2019) 

  • Expo Jan Hoethuis i.s.m. Rift (Geel - 2019)

  • Grafixx Festival (Antwerpen - 2019)

  • Expo 'Het Nieuwe Geniaal' (CC Mechelen - 2021)

  • Kunstfestival IDYLLEREI22 (Nuremberg - 2022)

  • Expo RAYMUNDO/OMARCITY (Antwerpen - 2022)

  • Expo 'Spiegels van de ziel' (TUTTI FRATELLI Antwerpen, 2022)

  • DE WINDSTOOT (Museum Dr. Guislain Gent, 2023)

  • Expo Studio BINNEKYK (Mechelen, 2023)

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