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bio monica

Monica, still young but a real studio artist since the start, loves reading magazines for girls.  She incorporates the texts in her ‘writing art’.  This is the term she uses for her work based on her own handwritten texts.


The texts describe Monica’s ups and downs: what she enjoys, and what she doesn’t, what she likes to eat and what she detests, or what she really wants to buy next time she goes into town. She puts down her modest dreams and wishes, her interests and sometimes also her frustrations , in full sentences, on paper. In the process, she writes to herself. Her favorite words are ‘dream’, ‘future image’ and ‘candy’

Word puzzle books and magazines such as Joepie, Girlz and Gossip play an important role in her work. She uses dictionaries and magazines to fuel her work. The word puzzle books present her with words she doesn’t understand but that she finds intriguing.  The interviews and articles in the girl magazines make Monica feel all fuzzy inside and are copied in their entirety.

She depicts her favorite subjects in her drawings. We often see people in love.  Monica asks herself whether people accept this theme.  While writing and drawing, she explores how far she can go with nudity in her work.


Monica enjoys drawing pictures in magazines onto tracing paper. She fills the sheets of tracing paper until a fun haphazard composition appears.  These drawings also become an inspiration for her work.

Monica’s texts consist of different layers, in different colors.  This way, her autobiography isn’t fully legible and she remains a bit of a mystery.

  • Special Art Festival (Sint-Niklaas - 2015)

  • ANDERS BEKEKEN in CC Zwanenberg (Heist-op-den-Berg - 2015)

  • "Een lijn is een punt die gaat wandelen" tentoonstelling in de etalages (Mechelen - 2015)

  • The Bries Space (Borgerhout - 2017)

  • Wordart at Galerij Walden (Antwerpen - 2019)

  • [OGEN]BLIK at CC Mechelen (Mechelen - 2019) 

  • Expo Jan Hoethuis i.c.w. Rift (Geel - 2019)

  • Grafixx Festival (Antwerpen - 2019)

  • Rideau at E² Sterput (Brussel - 2020)​

  • Expo 'Passie & Obsessie' (CC Sint-Niklaas - 2021)

  • Expo Studio BINNEKYK (Mechelen - 2023)

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