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bio martine

Martine is part of the studio since 2009.

Martine loves people and animals. With her caring character, she takes equal care of her dolls and stuffed animals as the people who surround her daily.  These people, as well as other cuddly figures, appear as characters in her paintings. Just as in real life, they surround her on canvas, sometimes prominently next to her, other times more in the background.

Martine enjoys working with different techniques. Her work consists of multiple layers of pencil, marker, ink and paint which she carefully applies.  Her subjects emerge while painting, only to disappear again, until she gets to a point where her work becomes a harmonious whole. Martine has an exceptional feeling for mixing colors. The colors literally come to life on her paper. This visible mixing gives her work a specific strength and is a very obvious part of her personal style.


In 2016 she collaborated with her life companion Wytze Hingst, who also works in STUDIO BORGERSTEIN. Queen Mathilde is also the owner of one of her works of art.

  • AZ Sint-Maarten (Duffel - 2014)

  • Art festival at Emiliushoeve (2014 - Nijlen)

  • Art Exhibition of the Special Olympics (2015 - Brussel)

  • Ik heb harteklop (i.c.w. partner Wytze Hingst)  through With. vzw te Kortrijk (2016)

  • The Bries Space (Borgerhout - 2017)

  • Expo RAYMUNDO/OMARCITY (Antwerpen - 2022)

  • Expo 'Spiegels van de ziel' (TUTTI FRATELLI Antwerpen - 2022)

  • DE WINDSTOOT (Museum Dr. Guislain Gent - 2023)

  • Expo Studio BINNEKYK (Mechelen - 2023)

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