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Anker 1


Jan continues to build an immense body of work  in both his bedroom and at the studio since 2017.


Jan always carries an assortment of ballpoint pens with him: red, green, blue and black. With raw lines and roughly colored shapes, he creates various buildings, always in different proportions. Only the windows are left alone. Despite the lack of curtains, the inhabitants are never visible.


When he runs out of drawing paper, Jan sticks recycled sheets of print paper together, until he gets a sturdy and large carrier.

  • ANDERS BEKEKEN in CC Zwanenberg (Heist-op-den-Berg - 2015)

  • "Een lijn is een punt die gaat wandelen" tentoonstelling in de etalages (Mechelen - 2015)

  • The Bries Space (Borgerhout - 2017)

  • Expo RAYMUNDO/OMARCITY (Antwerpen - 2022)

  • Expo 'Spiegels van de ziel' (TUTTI FRATELLI Antwerpen - 2022)

  • DE WINDSTOOT (Museum Dr. Guislain Gent - 2023)

  • Expo Studio BINNEKYK (Mechelen - 2023)

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