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In 2019 Clement came into contact with colorful and intuitive work. He made a composition of curves and circles with chalk, always with strong color combinations. He started with the pilot project within the studio and a whole world opened up for him in terms of material and themes.

Since April 2021, Clement has been a permanent artist and also the most enthusiastic. As soon as he enters here with his big smile, he flies in and is very concentrated working until the end. His œvre is still under construction, together with us he is looking for his own style. What immediately stands out - and in all his work - is the playfulness in his lines. The simplification of people and objects that he implements makes his work light-hearted and cheerful.


We are curious about how Clement will evolve as an artist.

  • Expo 'Spiegels van de ziel' (TUTTI FRATELLI Antwerpen - 2022)

  • DE WINDSTOOT (Museum Dr. Guislain Gent - 2023)

  • Expo Studio BINNEKYK (Mechelen - 2023)

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